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Cryptocurrency Market is a Decentralized Finance company

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Cryptocurrency Market
Most of us who are involved in the Crypto industry know how difficult it has become to trust a network. Cryptocurrency Market is a Decentralized Finance company from the United States. The company is aiming to address the biggest hurdle before the blockchain industry, transparency!
Crypto Market is a professional marketplace powered by DeFi tokens. As it holds absolute transparency in terms of availing information within the network and building trusts through smart contracts, it builds a sense of credibility both for the buyers and sellers on the platform to make an informed decision. The contracts between the parties are executed without any trust issues and in turn, save both time and money.

What’s making the platform stand out amongst others?
A big majority of the crypto industry does not understand the concept of proof of work and find it difficult to verify any information on the blockchain. Cryptocurrency Markets is offering a holistic approach to transparency in the blockchain industry at the tip of the fingers of the community. This is a great approach to encourage more people to come into the blockchain industry knowing that they can transact in the space not having to worry about who to trust.
The Cryptocurrency Market platform will ensure that no service is being paid for without proof from both parties involved provided on the platform to show completion of the contract. The platform will automatically provide a contract receipt as proof of an ongoing or pending transaction; this can be used as a voucher by either the service provider or customer as evidence of a transaction.
The platform offers staking functionalities as well. This would not only encourage the users to stake CCM tokens over the platform and will additionally let them earn other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, MOR, and DGB. However, the earnings will be symmetrical to CCM token holdings which are calculated on an internal formula.

Features ensuring the transparency on the platform –
The platform will have features like trade history, order book, and daily and total generated volume, current trading volume, active trading platforms, and so much more for each listed token or P2P trading exchange. There will be strict criteria for listing any project, asset, exchange, professional, or company. The process will begin with an application to the appropriate channel for verifications and provision of every other requirement needed by the team.

Tokenomy of the Cryptocurrency Market –
The Cryptocurrency Market has a cap of 10,000,000 CCM tokens, out of which 70% will be listed in presales. There are a lot of corporate bodies that lose funds annually to both frauds and unprofessional service providers. Cryptocurrency Markets presents a whole new level of blending trust and satisfaction all in on one platform, and no sector is exempted.

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