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YF Synergy – Network based Bot which make you money [ Presale Review ]

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The Cryptocurrency market is at an all-time high today however, human intervention is seen to be a posed hurdle in terms of scalability, accuracy, and reliability. Traders unanimously agree that as a newbie crypto trader, scalability is one of the biggest struggles to get through. Today, there are over 7000 cryptocurrencies listed, and scrutinizing the market and figuring out the best performing coin is a tedious task. Hence, the profit margins are almost negligible for most traders.
YF Synergy is working on a phenomenal blending of the two worlds, bots, and cryptocurrencies. There are over 100 bots deployed on the network to figure out and bid on the best performing tokens. The bots are fed with various algorithms and strategies to contemplate the market and invest while we sit back. In our opinion, the bot would resolve one of the biggest setbacks of human trading, emotions!

How does YF Synergy work?
YF Synergy is a network-based cryptocurrency building bots that will run 24/7 to manage the DeFi ecosystem. It allows investors or traders to invest in the bot network to make hands free profit margins without trading the cryptocurrency markets. The project will help many crypto newbies and intermediate trader hands-free profits from the crypto markets.

What makes the platform stand out amongst others?
YF Synergy being a subscription-based token, you can buy subscriptions of various profit-based synergy pools. Each of these pools offers a certain percentage of profit for a time frame, particularly a month. You can choose from different synergy pools like XRPBTC, LENDUSDT, SEELBTC, and BTCUS. For example, you can invest in the XRPBTC pool and get anywhere between 5–7% profit for the next two years.

Tokenomic of YF Synergy –
The bots on YF Synergy have stop loss and take profits pre-defined, and they take a minimum of 1%+ trading fee or a maximum of 2.5%+ trading fee out of a trend, and if the movement sustains, the bot will continue to scalp it till the trend dries up. The presale hard cap is 500 ETH and the soft cap is 2000 ETH. The tokens will be listed on Uniswap on the 25th of October 2020.

Every single DEFI investor dreams of a quick 10x or 100x profit, which is not possible if the project is not sustainable in the long run. YFSG is a subscription-based token, so it will have a massive demand in the future as there will be continuous recycling of the coin in the market.

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