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Scam exchanges – Bitniex.com and bituary

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Bitniex exchange scam.

You might have seen a lot of signals like this. This is one of the most common bitcoin exchange scam.
This exchange tries to look legit. Their name is similar to bitfinex.

The most lucrative deal signal telegram groups and channel promote is that this exchange have almost 6-7% more value of bitcoin and ethereum. As in the picture above, you would want to send 1 Btc to this exchange and earn $700 by just trading in this exchange. But what will happen is totally opposite, they will never let you withdraw the BTC you have sent to them.

The first red flag when you visit their website is


An exchange with less than 10 visitors per day claim to have $10 Million dollar of trading per day.

Doing some more google search on them will show some articles which describes about this scam


WARNING SCAM from Bitniex


Another scam exchange by same team https://bituary.com



WARNING: bituary.com is a scam – please don’t send any BTC to them from Bitcoin


We recommend you to please check before you send funds to an exchange.

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