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Here’s what you are missing if you still are not on Uniswapcap!

Uniswapcap is a platform for market cap and statistics. We are an open community and help in listing and reviewing Defi tokens. Uniswapcap is the first-ever website that allows for a peer-to-peer listing of defi tokens. We as a community aim to rule out the prominent obstacles of the traditional alternatives.

Barriers in the current review environment

Lack of easily available and affordable options to transfer money across currencies, users often resort to crypto and defi, which is either illegal or leads to major scams and legal risks. The problem is not just restricted to the legalities of the transaction but also the authenticity of the information surrounding the defi tokens.
As quickly as the trend gained momentum, the pitfall with defi tokens is being highlighted. The rising trend as given an upright hit to associated scams and frauds. These scams if going uncheck can potentially hamper financed of many. A scam that popped out very recently highlights how vulnerable investors have because due to a lack of information from the right source. Within an hour it pulled the rug on the investors and vanished off with the funds.
The renowned Pump and Dump scam exposed 50 odd crypto influencers profiting on the back of unsuspected defi investors. The leaked telegram chat revealed the plan to defraud innocent investors using the worthless token. The plan however collapsed post screenshot of the conversation was circulated all over the internet.

Why Uniswapcap?

To traders and insiders, we open it up for everyone. Unlike the other platforms that operate on the crypto influencers, Uniswapcap operates on a community review model where we and the entire community undergoes a peer review and rate a listing. Users are rewarded with UNCA for reviewing and auditing the tokens. Users are free to add tokens to this list, review it, initiate discussions, and stay updated and involved with the process. We facilitate a complete list of all Uniswapcap and ERC20 tokens with market cap, volume, circulation, and a lot more.
We provide real-time assistance for all users on telegram via communities and group chats. Users will also be updated with real-time data from Uniswapcap about liquidity locks. You can also check for liquidity locks and legit token while looking for defi tokens and contracts. Users can also see the best performing new contracts within seconds of listing with us.

We invite companies to join us and be a part of the community that keeps you posted and lets you directly participate in intensively reviewed presales. Let’s get along to make the future of currencies better!

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