Defi token listing and reviewing platform

We list, review and audit all defi on uniswap


What is Uniswapcap

Uniswapcap is a market cap and statistic website for Defi tokens.

Uniswapcap helps lists all defi tokens to be listed. It is an open community to encourage new defi tokens and to keep the community clean


Our Features

A complete defi coin list with market cap, volume and more.

Uniswap Token Listing

A complete list of all uniswap and erc20 tokens with market cap, volume, circulation and more

Reviews and Auditing

Users and community can audit and review new tokens and presales. Users earn UNCP for reviewing and auditing tokens

Legit Tokens

Check for liquidity locks and legit tokens when searching for defi tokens and contracts

Experts Support

Get real time support on telegram with community and group chats.

Instant Listing

See best performing new contract within seconds of listing in Uniswap

Realtime Data

Get real time data updated from uniswap including liquidity locks and more.

Use Cases of UniSwapCap

Start learning about Bitcoin with interactive tutorials. It’s fun, easy, and takes only a few minutes!


List fees and hold

For express listing you will have to buy and Hold UNCP in your wallet.


Review Coins and tokens

Users can review coins and tokens. Help community fight against scam and rugs. You can earn UNCP for reviewing and auditing tokens


Sponsered Listing & Ads

Users can buy sponsered listings and ads in exchange of UNC token.

Latest Press

Uniswapcap Defi token listing and review platform.